About the Owner

Hello! I’m Mallory,

the founder of The Clyde Venue.


“The Clyde is not just a venue to me. It is a dream, and I want everyone that walks through these doors to feel the same.” 

In March of 2018, I was living in Charlotte, North Carolina working as a sales manager and wedding coordinator. Even though I was there with my best friend, I couldn’t help but feel like I left everyone I loved back in Georgia. Being far away, meant I was missing out on major milestones in the lives of the people I cared about most and it really began to bother me. I started to feel this odd sensation called homesickness and I knew where my heart wanted to be.  However, knowing where you want to be and actually getting there are two different things.

I prayed the same prayer for about two months: God show me the way you want me to go. For a long time, there was nothing. No circle on the map saying go here, no email from God saying what to do in step-by-step form, no phone call from the CEO of making all your dreams come true saying here’s your plan. Nothing. Only me feeling utterly lost and out of control.

Then one day, Don, the president of Kelly Tours in Savannah called me. He offered me an awesome opportunity to start up a small café in this little space he had in the Historic District. It wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned but it felt like the answer I had been looking for.

When I went to check out the space where I would be working, I noticed that it was a small part of a larger, empty warehouse. My wheels began to turn, and I imagined the space becoming a venue. While planning my sister’s and best friend’s weddings, I realized the need for a large indoor event space that could hold more than a hundred people in the Historic District, and I believed this space had the potential to do just that.  I decided to mention the idea to Don, and he agreed that it could work.  However, there was already a tenant that was scheduled to occupy the space for the next ten years. As great as the idea felt, it didn’t seem that the timing was right.

Then, something amazing happened. A little divine intervention I like to call it. The ten-year tenant backed out of their contract a few weeks later, making the space available! I went to Don and pitched the idea again. I sought advice from local experts in the industry and made sure that they too thought a new venue was a valid need for Savannah. You know that saying when one door closes another door opens? Well, I was that open door! After several meetings, consultations, and positive feedback, Don decided to invest in my plan and the venue was a go.

I’d always dreamed of creating a venue but most of these dreams pictured myself way older after I had become “wise beyond my years”. Yet, here it was happening now. My friend, Christi, compared moments like these to ducks in a pond. On the surface they look very calm and graceful as they glide across the water, yet underneath, their feet are flailing frantically in efforts to move forward. I was feeling very much like this duck.

Any new business venture can easily become overwhelming, and here I was embarking on a journey to renovate an old empty warehouse into Savannah’s next best venue. It took a little motivation from one of my biggest role models, Joanna Gaines, to settle me. She said, “Whatever season you’re in, whatever life may throw at you, whether it feels like success or like failure, expected or unexpected, you have been made ready.” This empowered me. I had prayed for God to show me the way and here he had answered that prayer. Not only that but he had made me ready to handle every aspect of this season in my life.

I chose to embrace the opportunity for everything that it is. I owned up to not knowing everything and opened my mind to learning anything. I’ve enjoyed the process and opportunity of creating The Clyde Venue from the ground up, and I’m excited to welcome you and your guests into this incredible space where moments will be remembered. The Clyde is not just a venue to me. It is a dream, and I want everyone that walks through these doors to feel the same.

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