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Mallory Adams is a native Savannahian who has grown up in the hospitality industry. As a teenager, she spent her summers working for the family business, coordinating entertainment and transportation for groups of people for trips throughout the Southeast and beyond.

But she always knew she wanted to be a wedding planner. While earning her degree in business management from Georgia College, she survived wedding planning boot camp, planning over one hundred weddings for Charleston Beach Wedding before taking on a role as sales manager and coordinator for the venue, Alexander Homestead, in Charlotte, NC. Although the job was demanding, she loved it.

“My favorite part,” Mallory says, “is creating a vision for the bride and groom and “watching it all come together.”

While visiting a small space in the Historic District with a café in mind, Mallory noticed it was connected to a large warehouse with potential for a bigger venue. The timing of this discovery seemed like divine intervention to Mallory. She saw the opportunity to fulfill her dream to create a sophisticated venue in a fantastic location.

It has the capacity to host large groups – over one hundred guests. It’s an indoor and air-conditioned option, which many of the venues downtown capable of hosting big groups are not. It’s one of the only modern venues downtown. The industrial style makes it a versatile canvas, adaptable to creative concepts in lighting, floral arrangements, décor, transportation, entertainment and catering.

Mallory decided to take the plunge. Her dream became a reality! The Clyde was born.

“The Clyde is not just a venue to me,” Mallory explains. “It’s a dream, and I want everyone who walks through those doors to feel the same way.”
She decided to name the venue after two important men in her life: her father and her late grandfather. Also known as Don Clyde Adams Jr, and Don Clyde Adams Sr, respectively. Her vision for the design was inspired by the pair: strong, exuberant, and a little old fashioned.

“My dad has always been an inspiration to me,” Mallory explains. “He has dedicated his life to his family and his business. He built a thriving business from the ground up while never missing a volleyball game or parent-teacher conference.”

Her grandfather, known as Poppy to his grandchildren, recently passed yet continues to be another role model to Mallory for his strong faith, wisdom and love for his family. He was an expert on marriage success, having enjoyed seventy years of wedded bliss with her Grandma Betsy.
“If you ever needed confirmation that true love exists,” she says, “you only needed two minutes around those two.”

Mallory attributes her strength and purpose from her faith in God and strong family ties. She’s excited to help couples and families bring their vision to life to create the perfect celebration, whether it’s a wedding, a birthday party, a business launch, an anniversary party, a quinceañera party, or Prom: “When you come to the Clyde, it’s my goal to make you feel as welcome as my own family would be.”

Natalie Burger is our Venue Manager and Event Planner here at The Clyde. She moved to Savannah in 2020 after living in New York for most of her life. After graduating with a business degree from Sacred Heart University, she began working for the University’s alumni and event department. Here she learned to coordinate and plan events. Her love of weddings comes from planning her own wedding.

It’s all about family!

With a strong origin and a bit of an old fashioned edge, The Clyde is named after two very important characters in my life’s story. Donald Clyde Adams Junior and Senior, or more commonly known as Dad and Grandpa.

My Dad is an amazing human being, and I am blessed to be able to learn from him every day. He has been my strongest motivator since the day I was born, consistently encouraging me to be the best version of myself. He has tested every limit and pushed me over every boundary I created to help me grow into a strong woman with the capability to accomplish anything I put my mind to. He has instilled in me the drive to succeed and to do it all for the glory of God.

My Dad has dedicated his life to two things: his family and his business. You hear a lot of stories about how people who run a business end up sacrificing their family life, but I never experienced that.  Somehow, he built his work from the ground up while being at every parent-teacher conference, coaching basketball games, cheering me on at my volleyball games, planning every birthday, and more. Oh, and did I mention I’m one of three daughters? Looking back, I don’t know how he did it, but he did. After being exposed to other people’s upbringings, I realize how blessed I am. My dad is one of a kind, and I wanted some way to honor his legacy for years to come. So much of who he is now, is how I want The Clyde to be seen. A strong and reliable entity that is committed to making your visions come true.

Another important piece of the puzzle is my Grandpa, also known as Poppy. I hope that everyone has the pleasure of meeting him and my Grandma Betsy one day. If you ever need confirmation that true love exists, then you need only two minutes around these two to be reassured. They have been successfully married for 70 years and counting! As they say, they love each other, but after all this time they still like each other, too. That alone is a wonder of the World. My Grandpa’s faith, wisdom, and love are what I hope to channel to all the people who walk through the doors of The Clyde.

Family is very important to me. It’s that bond that grounds me and helps me to stand firm in who I am and what I want to accomplish. When you come to The Clyde, it is my goal to make you feel as welcome as my own family would be. I hope that you will be relaxed and trust that The Clyde is a place where your plans and visions can come to life!

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