Dear Future Client,

I want to personally thank you for your interest in The Clyde Venue. This timeless space provides the perfect setting for unforgettable good times and celebrating the importance of two families becoming one. The Clyde name itself originates from my family’s history and represents the unbreakable bond and support that family emboldens. I welcome the opportunity of sharing this space and its meaning with you and your growing family.

It is my goal to provide a delightful planning experience from the moment you step foot onto the property until we send you off in the getaway car. Our meetings are designed to be intentional and productive so countless hours aren’t wasted. I know your time is valuable too!

I believe you are already on the right track to a successful event by picking a wonderful city to host your wedding. The Downtown Historic District of Savannah is home to The Clyde Venue’s modern industrial event space. This city is bursting with exciting new trends and electric vibes, making your entire wedding weekend the party to talk about. It is full of beautiful scenery, nightlife, and hotels, making it easy to logistically plan and entertain large groups.

Given the opportunity, The Clyde looks forward to making your day as special as you’ve always imagined, and I look forward to working with you!

Best wishes,

Mallory Adams

The Clyde Venue, Owner